Enriching Lives Together™

At Guardian we are committed to adding value for our stakeholders. Our approach to achieving results is based on our belief that patient, conservative and disciplined investment is the preferred route to sustainable growth, providing the greatest value over the long term to all our constituents.

Our Community Involvement

We emphasize the importance of giving back to the communities where we live. These efforts manifest as corporate initiatives and, most notably, through our employees; we are incredibly proud of the many associates in our company who possess an attitude of giving freely, abundantly and repeatedly. At a corporate level, our community involvement includes:

Guardian Capital Indigenous Student Awards

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    • The Guardian Capital Indigenous Student Awards are annual educational grants to Indigenous students, created to help fuel their dreams by supporting their post-secondary education within Canada. First awarded in the fall of 2021, they aim to provide students tangible support to help them succeed as they pursue their chosen path. Our hope is these grants will have a positive and long-lasting impact for students for years to come.

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      In addition to the launch of these awards, in 2020 we donated our substantial collection of Indigenous art to the Agnes Etherington Art Centre at Queen’s University, and established the Guardian Capital Indigenous Art Fund to support ongoing engagement with the collection.

A commitment to engage

Additionally, we use a variety of sponsorship and corporate matching opportunities to engage in social responsibility within our communities. Past and current campaigns have supported many worthy causes:

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Supporting Women in the Financial Industry

We support the financial sector's ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive industry, that's why we're proud of Guardian Women, a joint initiative of Guardian Partners Inc. and Guardian Capital Advisors LP that fosters the exchange of ideas and meaningful connections in a community of like-minded women inspired to take control of their financial futures.

Supporting the Environment

We actively study our impact on the environment and ways we can continue to mitigate it. As an organization, we are committed to improving our practices to minimize our ecological footprint. In December 2019, we eliminated one-time-use plastic water bottles at our Toronto head office, reducing waste by approximately 12,000 plastic bottles annually. We aim to make this practice standard for all of our affiliated offices. In 2022, we also embarked on a much larger initiative to balance our annual carbon emissions, as a founding member of The Pond Foundation.

The Pond Foundation

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    • As part of our partnership with The Pond Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to driving extensive earth-serving action, we will be balancing our annual carbon emissions beginning in 2022. This balancing will occur through a combination of emissions reduction actions within the organization as well as an investment in external carbon removal initiatives. Our initial investments are as follows:

    • Ricehouse: Promotes the circular economy from the field to the house with rice-based construction material.

    • Husk Ventures: Produces carbon-based fertilizers and natural pesticides for smallholders in Asia, transforming rice-husk into biochar products to regenerate soils, increase smallholders’ revenues and sequester carbon.

    • Wild Asia: Aims to support small producers and businesses that are inclusive, transparent and working towards sustainability goals.

    • Tanoe-Ehy Forest: Aims to improve livelihoods and governance structures for local people, protect critical habitats and biodiversity, help to crack down on illegal logging and bushmeat hunting, and more.

    • For more information, read the latest in our FAQ or in this insightful thought piece from Guardian Capital LP's Managing Director, Head of Responsible Investing, Michele Robitaille, Setting off on our climate journey

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